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Do you ever have one of those days…weeks… months…. maybe even a year when you just need grace?

When I read this post, I loved it. It was so well stated. I kept coming back to it. Then I decided I needed to see it more often, so I made a pretty little picture for it and stuck it on my fridge. (and yes, that’s my oldest, fishing this summer, he’s one God gave me to teach me much about grace and patience!) Days when I am going from one child to another, one task to the next, one thing after another, sometimes I just stop and remember “grace…. there is grace, right here and now…. I can keep on.


thanks to September McCarthy at One September Day for letting me borrow her poem!

and you might like to check out September’s new book recently released Hula-Hoop Girl….. it looks wonderful and it’s on my list to read soon!Photobucket


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Enjoying every moment

Sometime little tiny newborns get in the way of blogging too often 😉
I am thoroughly enjoying these newborn days with this little boy and I have many thoughts I would love to share and will try to get posts up a bit more frequently then I have been!

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