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The perfect mom isn’t perfect.

She’s the perfect mom for her kids, but she isn’t perfect.

In fact, her kids are probably the ones who know the best how imperfect she really is.

As I look back at my childhood and growing up years, it isn’t the bad days, the exhausted years (as I am now finding out, it isn’t days or months that a mama is going to be always exhausted, it’s years ;-)) , the days that ‘mama ain’t happy’ and isn’t the perfect mother that I recall most quickly. It’s the days we did plays about every subject under the sun, that we spent time with friends and family, the days we made new foods  in the kitchen, the seasons of learning new skills, it was the moments that make memories. The growing up in a family that loves God and each other. The growing up in a home where school wasn’t a place, it was a lifestyle. The growing up in a home that was always looking for  creative ways of giving to others. The growing up in an imperfect home and world so when I find myself wondering why I can never seem to be the ‘perfect mom’ I can look back and know it’s the imperfections that give the greatest understanding of grace and mercy, of forgiveness and understanding, of loving the unlovable and appreciating kindness and giving thanks in all circumstances.

This is a gift that is worth passing on to our kids. The knowledge that even though mama isn’t perfect, mama gets upset and frustrated, mama is tired and mama has bad days. We have a God that loves us, that forgives time and time again. It’s in our own sinfulness that we can help point our children to the Savior that we so desperately need and help them see that they need Him too.

And generation after generation are going to be imperfect. It’s the world we live in. But it’s the little moments, the finding joy in the now, the knowing that what we are doing in raising our children is impacting eternity that gives a mother the strength to meet another day and keep on going.

So, thanks Mom, not for being perfect but for being the perfect mom for me!

(my grandma, my mom, myself and my oldest daughter – all around 4 months)

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