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Thankful for my laundry

Laundry – it seems much of my life is consumed by laundry. 

With 5 little ones, a husband that works in the carpentry trade and myself, we create alot of laundry.

It’s just life. 

I often am looking for “the best” way to do laundry. One load a day? All the laundry for the week on one day? Well, neither work overly great for me. I can’t seem to get enough done in one to call it good for the week. It usually stretches into 2-3 days, which sort of defeats the purpose of “one laundry day”! One load a day doesn’t seem to get it done either, we have more laundry then that. 

For me, what works best at the moment is a couple days of getting as much of it done as we can. Usually Monday and Tuesday. I can get most all the laundry done on those days. Then another day, Friday or maybe Saturday I do another 2 loads or so. This keeps the laundry fairly caught up and doesn’t leave me feeling like I do laundry all. the. time. 😉 There are days when I realize “I’m just not even starting a load of laundry today” – and I love being able to do that. Other days when I keep it going all day and end up with a ton of clean laundry to fold 😉 

But for the most part I get it all done. If I don’t it waits till another day. And that’s okay.

It’s not all gonna get done today! 

This week as I was thinking about the laundry and the shear amount of it that had accumulated over the weekend, I was feeling discouraged. There was just so much to get done. But then I realized my attitude wasn’t going to change the amount of laundry on the floor. Or the fact that 4 of the kids were happily playing in the backyard which is mostly dirt and would be coming in and needing a change of clothes several times in the day. So, I decided I just needed to choose to be thankful. I looked around and realized I was very thankful for my washer and dryer. This “laundress” position would be much harder without them. I was thankful for 5 healthy children who got their clothes dirty running around and having fun. I was thankful for the work my husband has right now that brings him home covered in sawdust. And then I got that washer going and going and going …… and yes, I need to go change the laundry even now 😉

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I read this blog post this morning and realized I need to work on showing more kindness around our house. I am printing this and sticking it on our fridge to help me remember this week…..  how about you?

Domestic Kindness « Femina.

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Ever heard those words? “Mom, I don’t know what to play”? I had just sent my 6 1/2 yr old son out to play in the back yard and this is what he told me:  “All I have is a torn up plastic tablecloth, old box lid, a cup, 2 pieces of wood, a fly swatter, a handful of twigs, 2 chairs and a patio table, I just don’t know what to play with all that”.

My first response was a smile and contained laughter as I realized the question was a serious one. Then I realized I didn’t have any brilliant ideas either. So, I said well, let’s think of some things together. After tossing around some ideas, he decided to draw a treasure map and go pretend to be pirates looking for a treasure. He ended up getting a little sidetracked in his drawing though and never got back outside this morning.

But it also reminded me that as The Mom I cannot expect my kids, especially as young as they all are, to entertain themselves on their own all the time. They need mom interaction. They need my ideas to spark their own creativity. They do need time to “just play” as kids, but that needs to involve mom being there. And not just being present in the house. Being present in their life. Being there to play with them, not just move them on to the next activity of the day. Being there to listen and care and not be quite as concern about the mound of laundry on the couch. So many times, it just takes that few moments of interaction, to see what they are thinking, to encourage them and they are off their next adventure. Because when you are 6….. all of life is an adventure!

Update: shortly after quiet time was over the boys went back outside and were quickly playing pirate ship….. quite creative I must say!

the lookout

“priming the cannon”

getting ready to shoot the cannon

What would you do with just a torn up plastic tablecloth, old box lid, a cup, 2 pieces of wood, a fly swatter, a handful of twigs, 2 chairs and a patio table?

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My kids are always begging for snacks, you’d think they never got meals as often as it seems they are hungry for snack! So, I am always on the lookout for easy and healthy snack ideas.

The inspiration for this came from a magazine article I clipped, Delicious Living Feb 2012 edition, I love sweet potatoes and thought this might be an easy snack my kids would love. I was right 😉

The kids and I ate all we made in just a few minutes in one sitting. We didn’t even save any for Dad…. oops. My oldest told me I ought to “write the recipe down and sell it for $1 and then we could make money to pay the bills”.

The begged me to make them again. So I did again this week. We saved a little handful for Dad’s lunch this time. And proceeded to eat the rest.


Sweet Potato Chips

3-4 medium size sweet potatoes, I can really taste a difference in organic and non organic potatoes, so my recommendation is to use organic if you can! You can adjust the number of potatoes according to size and the baking sheet you use 😉

Slice the potatoes into circles, as thin as you possibly can. The thinner the better. Spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle lightly with a little olive oil, you want them coated by not a lot of excess on the tray. Start with a tablespoon and go from there. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. Again, start light and you can adjust to your personal tastes.  Toss all gently so it all is coasted evenly

Place in a 400 degree oven, check every 10 minutes or so and toss gently to evenly crisp. Mine usually take 20-30 minutes depending on how thick/thin they are.

Cool and enjoy. These are wonderful fresh out of the oven, not completely sure how long they will keep, but I would store in an airtight container once completely cooled, if I had any left!

If you are looking for different tastes, I think substituting the salt and pepper for cinnamon or chipotle powder would go quite nicely.

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one of those weeks?

Do you ever have one of those weeks? You know the one where it seems you are always behind on something…… from dishes to housework to laundry to school…. something seems to be lagging? It was laundry for me this week. The week had gotten off to a slow start in our house and since I usually don’t do a lot of laundry over the weekend it piles up by Monday and when Monday came and no laundry got done…. well, you can guess the rest of the week just felt behind. I actually have just about all the laundry washed today… and dried…. and about half folded and put away…… folding and putting away is usually where I struggle. I can keep get it in washer, keep the loads going thru and then there’s the couch. My husband, who is probably thankful we have more than one couch, asked me why I couldn’t just fold each load as they came out. I find that is much easier in theory then practice. The laundry sitting there is not crying to be held, finding trouble in another room, needing a snack or wanting to nurse. And it is all clean and right there if you need something.

I think it was Wednesday when I told my just turned 5-year-old to go get dressed. He said he couldn’t find anything to wear. I said, I know there’s something up there you can wear, we aren’t going anywhere, go put something on! I just had to laugh when he came down. If this isn’t the epitome of a child dressing himself, combined with mama behind on clean laundry I am not sure what is!

(the tee-shirt is borderline too small…. and rather “past” the holiday since it says “my grandma makes the best turkey”, the pants are motorcycle print jammies, the first pair of socks are black and blue argyle, followed by a plain white pair of too small socks, completed with his black slip on dress shoes)

All I can say is that it’s a good thing we weren’t going anywhere and that they play in the backyard. And I probably need to get the couch cleared tonight before I go to bed 😉

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10 on the 10th

10 books that are on my list to read………….

When Motherhood Feels Too Hard by Kelly Crawford

Health for Godly Generations by Renee DeGroot

Queen of her Home,

a compilation of devotional and encouragement articles for moms

For the Children’s Sake by Susan MacCaulay

The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

The Family by J.R. Miller

Easy Health for Busy Moms by Kelly Crawford

Heavenly Homemakers Guide to Gardening and Preserving

by Laura Coppinger

True Christian Motherhood by Mrs June Fuentes

Have you read any of these? Are they good?

If you could pick one to read which one would you read first?

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(found this is my drafts…. I needed it that day and enjoyed it again today…perhaps you need it too?)


I needed to hear this today 😉

If you haven’t read her book, it’s on my to-do list to share, I’ll get to it soon.

Motherhood & Work: Too many straws in my milkshake | Rachel Jankovic on Vimeo on Vimeo


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