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Menu on Monday

Yeah,  I know… it’s Thursday.

I’m behind.

I’ve been intrigued by Stephanie’s “Plan-it, Don’t Panic” Menu planning challenge.  I do pretty good about menu planning. And following it, sort of. ;- ) Some weeks the days get switched around quite a bit, or I change my mind, or find something else that sounds better for dinner…. you get idea. But I do try and intentionally sit down and think thru my week and plan out the meals, usually on Saturdays for the coming week.

I have had grand intentions of making my menu and linking up each week….. I think we are into week 5 now…. oh well. I have truly MADE a menu each week and done pretty good at sticking to it, just haven’t gotten it blogged or linked up. My baby is almost 6 weeks old, I guess that’s an okay excuse?

It does really help me to at minimum stop and think thru my week, make a list of meals and have something to work with. With the nature of my husband’s job, I often get my days interrupted or have to run errands for him or things pop up during the week that will change my plans. That’s okay. We go with the flow. And some nights, the fancy new chicken recipe I wanted to try turns into chicken and pasta with jarred sauce!

This is what my menu looks like this week:

Monday: Chicken and Pasta

Tuesday: Beef Stew

Wednesday: White Chicken Chili

Thursday: Chicken Curry

Friday: Freezer meal (I had a bunch of freezer meals from friends and that I had done in advance of baby’s arrival, so we are still working thru those!)

Saturday: Tacos

Sunday: Leftovers (I almost always plan leftovers for Sunday since those tend to be spur of the moment days and plans often change, plus I like having a day semi-“off” of cooking)


My menu plan tends to be just dinners, I have a list of ideas of breakfast and lunch as well and usually just pick from that each day depending on what’s going on. However, I have noticed that breakfasts are becoming more and more a challenge with the baby here and a tired mama, I am often at a loss of what to make and have hungry children at my feet. So, my challenge to myself over the next few weeks is to intentionally plan breakfast for awhile and hopefully get myself back into a good morning routine and be serving good breakfasts to my kids!


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I was intrigued by the title of this book. I try and serve food everyone loves and lean toward a whole food, real food diet in my cooking.  I also could stand to loose “a few” pounds since having my last baby.

This was an interesting book, but honestly, not really “where I am” in my eating and life at this point. I don’t really struggle with food issues or extreme weight issue. For someone who did this could be a really good read for them.

It does address the main and key heart issues and then gives ideas on working through and dealing with them and gives some nice exercise instructions as well.

I don’t know if I would recommend someone read this book unless I knew they were struggling with an eating disorder or something more “major” then just a mom needing to loose some weight and eat well while doing it.

Thanks to Blogging for Books, I received a free copy of the book to review. All opinions of the review are mine though!

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At Just The Right Time | At the Well.

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What are you giving thanks for today?
This is worth the watch!

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Busy Moms “Get Real” Series, Part 2: Housework, Again? |.


I was encouraged by this post this morning and thought I would pass it on…….. just in case I am not the only who grows weary some days in cleaning up the same toys, washing the same dishes and feeling a bit like I am living in “groundhog day” 😉

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